Emergency Dentist in Narre Warren, Serving Doncaster East

Dental emergency events are commonly seen in both children and adults. The first thing you should do in an emergency event is to call the dentist immediately to receive a proper treatment. We will arrange an appointment for you as soon as



Rinse your mouth with warm water. Use dental floss to remove any food debris between your teeth. If there is any swelling, apply ice pack outside of your cheek for twenty minutes, and rest for twenty minutes. Then repeat the cycle again. Painkillers can be taken to ease the pain. Make an appointment with your dentist immediately to receive proper treatment.

A kid in need of an emergency dentist in Narre Warren and Doncaster East

Foreign body between your teeth

Try to remove the matter with dental floss, then rinse your mouth to remove any remaining particles. Do not try to remove the foreign bodies with sharp equipment.

Tooth loss or fractured tooth

Lost tooth or fractured tooth should be attended to immediately. Make an appointment with your dentist immediately to receive proper treatment. If possible, keep the tooth. If it is a “baby” tooth, keep it inside milk, salt water, or saliva from the person who lost the tooth. Use water instead if none of the above are reachable. If it is a permanent tooth, be careful not to touch the tooth root to protect the fibers on the root surface, and keep it inside milk or on one side of your mouth between your teeth and your cheeks. Apply ice pack onto the cheeks of the injured tooth to reduce the swelling condition. Painkillers can be taken to ease the pain.

Lost Crown or Broken Dentures

Lost crowns and broken dentures may be repaired. Keep them in good condition, andmake an appointment with your dentist immediately to receive proper treatment.